Space is not an amenity readily available in NYC. You want to raise a child familiar with the concepts of "tossing the ball" and "running around," but you're not quite ready to pull up stakes for New Jersey. What to do what to do what to do what to do WAIT I GOT IT. Let's rent this 3,740-square-foot, $9 million "converted" Chelsea parking garage!

From Douglas Elliman:

Fashioned from the top floor of a former 1910 parking garage, it is designed to be a sanctuary from city life, quiet, serene and self-contained.

Using the raw materials of the concrete and steel structure as a starting point, the architect of this 3740 square foot loft arranged the space with carefully conceived simplicity, filled with consistent diffused light all through the day , the home is at once completely open and intensely private, with 13' ceilings supported by steel columns, and concrete hallways.

There is potential to add several western windows, making wondrous light from North, South and West, as well as via the central 15 by 15 foot skylight. One enters the space from the enormous elevator which will take your car either down to your personal parking space in the basement, or up into your residence where you can load up for the Hamptons.

And while the roof has not been developed, there is infinite possibility to create a spectacular indoor/outdoor additional space with the 7500 buildable square feet available, and exclusive use of the roof.

The offering includes 829 square feet in the basement for private storage.

"Quiet, serene and self-contained," like a panic room or bomb shelter! Concrete and steel, like an old slaughterhouse or airplane hangar! DID WE MENTION IT'S INTENSELY PRIVATE? Do you have any idea how well concrete muffles screams and with what ease the Swiffer wet jet mops away the effluvia? Never waste time spreading a protective covering of newspapers under your victim again!

Access to the apartment is available via "enormous elevator," suitable for transporting either yourself or your car from your basement parking space. Just think of all the large, unwieldy objects you could quietly remove from your home in total, utter that dreadful rattan chaise you didn't want the neighbors to know you owned, obviously. What were you thinking?

(h/t Curbed)