About 10% of the MTA's bus fleet will have surveillance cameras installed as the MTA tries to upgrade security measures on its various vehicles. According to the Daily News, system, called TransitCam, will start out by just recording images for later use (for investigators to refer back to after a crime), but it can be upgraded for live video transmissions. Also, the Transit Authority hopes to use video footage to disprove accident claims. And we're sure there are a number of driver-bus rider altercations. The MTA hopes they will be able to roll out the program to all of its 4500+ buses, but we wonder if they'll put in bodega-style dummy cameras to deter crime.

Another thing we find interesting is that Integrian is providing the cameras - what happened to Lockheed Martin? Integrian has also installed its cameras on London Underground, Heathrow Express and Madrid Suburban transit networks.