Drug smugglers have tried just about everything to sneak cocaine into the country—deflated soccer balls, breasts, children's coloring books, etc—so what the hell, custard and milk powder sounds about as plausible a smuggling method as anything else! And they would have gotten away with it, were it not for the meddlesome intervention of one JFK K9 officer Elza.

Tricia Ann D’Aguiar flew into JFK on November 21st from Georgetown, Guyana, when she came face to face with the toughest mutt since McGruff. Elza alerted her handler to a suspicious suitcase, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers found three bags of milk powder and three bags of custard powder filled with cocaine.

The total weight of cocaine seized was approximately 13 lbs. with an approximate street value of $230,000. D’Aguiar now faces federal narcotics smuggling charges. Hopefully, Elza got a really sweet milk bone.