It wasn't just protesters who were pepper sprayed in last night's Zuccotti cleanup. Mister, one of the dogs who has been living with his person in the park, got pepper-sprayed too! And, worse, his owner currently has nothing to pay for his care! According to a website created for him, "Mister's human's wallet was thrown out in the Great Cleanup of '11."

Luckily for Mister the Worth Street Veterinary Center has taken him in for a full battery of tests and doesn't seem to "want to put a price on Mister's well being"—but that doesn't mean that people aren't trying to raise some cash for his recovery.

According to Mister's website's creator: "I don't know if he has any savings, but he currently has no cash, credit cards, ATM card, ID, etc. I think it would be great if we could pass the virtual hat to cover some of his care. It doesn't have to be a lot, just a good faith effort so if it happens again, the doctor will be just as welcoming."

A recent update on the Worth Veterinary Center's Facebook page says that "Mister, is receiving intravenous fluids and is gradually showing signs of improvement- was able to eat a small amount." You can donate a few bucks, or pennies, in Misters direction right here.