A sophomore died after falling from the 6th floor window at 1 University Place. The Daily News reports that the police call it "an apparent suicide." The student, from Brooklyn, apparently went to another student's room in the non university-owned building to jump at 10PM last night. She was pronounced dead at St. Vincent's Hospital later. It's unclear whether she lived at 1 University Place or in Brooklyn. Gothamist is in no way an expert on suicide, and we are very saddened by this death, but it does seem odd to jump from a friend's window.

This is third suicide at NYU since the beginning of the fall semester. The other two were at Bobst Library.

Updated: Anthony is compiling information about this sucide at a NYUview.com. The email from Student Affairs VP Marc Wais says the student was "an undergraduate in the General Studies Program in SCPS and a resident of Third Avenue North."