Yet another employee is suing the New York Post, accusing the editors and reporters at the tabloid of racist and sexual harassment. You'll recall that former editor Sandra Guzman filed a discrimination lawsuit in November, describing the Post newsroom as a male-dominated frat house run by the crude, misogynistic editor in chief Col Allan. (Among other things, Guzman claims they fired her in retaliation after she complained about a controversial political cartoon.) Weeks later, a black reporter named Austin Fenner filed his own lawsuit expanding on Guzman's allegations, and now another black reporter, Ikimulisa Livingston, has joined his lawsuit. What's new here is that she is actually still employed at the Post, and famous reporter Steve Dunleavy has been targeted for some allegedly racist conduct.

Fenner and Livingston's lawsuit accuses the tabloid of racially-motivated news coverage, and Fenner claims he was "routinely humiliated," "openly cursed at" and subjected to "Jim Crow"-style segregation—including banishment from the newsroom. Livingston, who has been a General Assignment Post reporter for 13 years, says she was also banned from the newsroom, paid less than white colleagues with less experience, and denied stories she wanted to write. Further, she alleges that recently-retired star Post reporter Steve Dunleavy is an incorrigible racist who openly referred to a black employee as "nigger" and repeatedly described Hispanics as "spics."