A young magazine publisher died from a third rail electrocution last night, after he tried to cross to the opposite platform by walking across the train tracks. The Daily News reports that Patrick Elasik, who lived in Far Rockaway to be near the ocean, was found on the tracks at 1:35AM. His business partner and co-publisher of Mass Appeal says that Elasik entered the Nassau Avenue G train station on the wrong side. Then the DN writes:

Because changing platforms required leaving and reentering the station, he apparently decided to simply cross to the other side - but touched the electrified rail and died.

As far as Gothamist knows, you can get to the opposite tracks while still in the station. And in our experience in stations, when we've entered the wrong side, the subway clerks have been very nice and let us get in the other side (they might check your Metrocard, to see that you've swiped into the station, but still, it's nice). Either way, walking across the tracks is really not a good idea. [Via Candice at kittypower]

NYC Subway on the Nassau Avenue stop, and Gothamist on other subway deaths.

Photo from Tien Mao's wait for the G