2008_10_bloom02.jpgThe Post reports that notable independent Mayor Michael Bloomberg will "likely...create a new third party for his re-election bid next year, while also seeking support from major parties." Ah, that's the opportunist mayor we know, who changed from a Democrat to a Republican in time for the 2001 election and then shed the GOP coat to go beyond partisan politics last year! The Mayor is expected to make his third term announcement at noon today.

The NY Times spoke to "more than a dozen government officials and independent economic experts" about Bloomberg's fiscal stewardship--since Bloomberg is likely to argue that he's the best person to lead NYC during the financial downturn--and found a mixed record. While he has "deft short-term financial management," the city's pension and health care spending has grown tremendously.

The Mayor's fate lies in the hands of the City Council, which must approve legislation to overturn term limits--he met with City Council Speaker Christine Quinn yesterday. But many members who previously said they would support overturning term limits now aren't sure if they want to vote for it, since their constituents are getting upset. City Councilmember John Liu told the Post, "We shouldn't have Mayor Bloomberg and a couple dozen people overturn the will of the people. I cannot and will not support this. The reality is this is far bigger than me and my colleagues. This is a billionaire's game."

A "person close" to Bloomberg tells the Daily News, "He really thinks - and he is right - that he has a lot to add and a lot of things have been started at the city level that need to be completed. He loves the job and he's really good at it. So why wouldn't he run? Why deny the voters an extra choice? If they don't want him to be mayor, then don't vote for him."