This is perfect: In the midst of all of the bluster with the Mayor's plan to end social promotion and that the Department of Education is run by consultants, it seems that on the day public school third graders were to take their important make-or-leave-back reading test, four of the schools had an advance look at the test. Ha! In standard standardized prep procedures, kids were give practice questions and answers from the 2003 exam to work with by their teachers. But it seems that the schools were not supposed to have those questions and answers - because extra exam books are supposed to be turned in. And because some of the same questions and answers appeared on this year's exam. D'oh! Some kids noticed, "Some of the stories were new and some were old," - stories like "Make a Diorama," "What Lessons Did Johnny Learn?" and "Harvey's Hamburgers." About four schools are being investigated, leaving about 500 of the city's 80,000 third graders in a lurch about when they are going to take the make-up.

Gothamist wants to make a film about the high-stakes world of passing the third grade exam, and possibly about the underground cheating that occurs in it. It will be like Cheaters meets Best in Show with a splash of Billy Madison.

New Yorkish has a sample of the reading exam.