Authorities resumed searching for a New York City man who went missing when his kayak capsized in Dutchess County on Saturday. Ian Jones, 32, was not wearing a vest but reportedly knew how to swim.

Jones and girlfriend Tali Lennox-Fruchtman, 22, a daughter of singer Annie Lennox who is known as Tali Lennox, were in a tandem kayak early Saturday morning when the boat overturned in Staatsburg. Lennox was rescued by a passing boater, but Jones could not be found. Dutchess County Captain John Watterson told the Telegraph, "They were able to stay together for about 15 or 20 minutes but then they got separated by the current. “They were holding onto the kayak and kicking and swimming all at the same time. They had only been separated for a few minutes before she was rescued."

He added, "She was in the water and she was located and picked up by a passing vessel. She was interviewed and gave us an account of what happened. She stated they were kayaking a two-person tandem kayak and then it capsized. She gave us the location where she last saw him and there’s where we started to concentrate our search."

Authorities had previously described the strong current in the Hudson and Watterson said that alcohol might have played a role. The couple had been staying at a nearby bed and breakfast and were at a private gathering on Friday night.

The search, which has included water, land and air surveys, started today at 8 a.m.. Jones, a model and photographer, is described by the authorities "as 6-foot-3 with a slim build, dark hair, wearing jeans and a denim shirt. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Sheriff’s Office at 845-486-3800, or via the tipline at 845-605-2583 or"

Jones and Lennox, an artist, had been working on a project about the lives of NYC street kids. They also documented their life on social media:

"In the Zone" @talilennox 🎨 #TheEssentials #TaliLennox #Painter

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Sketches of Spain

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