Photograph of American Airlines ticket holders at Laguardia Airport yesterday by Frances Roberts/AP

American Airlines canceled more than 1,000 flights today, causing more chaos for its would-be passengers. NY1 reported lines looked less messy today, suggesting people called ahead. But yesterday, it was a terrible mess. From NY1:

"It's a little irritating that they are offering coffee to everybody, in exchange I'm missing a whole day of meetings in Texas," said one traveler. "I don't think I would [fly American again].

"Yesterday I was going from Caracas to Cincinnati through Miami and the flight was canceled from Caracas to Miami. So I ended up going to Puerto Rico and then spending the night in New York, and now hopefully to Cincinnati this morning," said another.

"My flight go canceled, so they were able to reroute me and get me on Delta," said a third. "So I gotta run all over there to the shuttle right now."

More flights may be canceled tomorrow as American tries to inspects its MD-80 planes for wiring stored near the wheels. More than a third of American's 2,300 daily flights involve MD-80 planes.

On Tuesday, about 500 flights were canceled while almost 1,000 were canceled yesterday.