Today's Times takes a long look at possible futures for the city's next big thing: Governors Island. The 172-acre island just off the southern tip o' Manhattan, Dan Doctoroff's newest playground, is ready for some serious redevelopment the money for which is finally starting to come in.

And it's about time. Despite the fact that the city and the state took control of the Island from the Federal government in 2003, little has been done for it besides putting a bunch of firefighters out there. A lot of ideas have been put out there though, including: a "theater, plus" concept with a 5,000-seat outdoor concert space and educational facilities, a top of the line conference center (á la Davos), an amusement park, an arts educational complex, and, our favorite "out there" idea, "a walkable, wadeable and even navigable miniature model of New York Harbor from the New Jersey shore to Jones Beach on Long Island."

Whatever goes up there, we're pretty sure it is going to be a long time (and a loud public debate) before it comes to any fruition. After the failure of the 2012 Olympic bid we assume Doctoroff will try this one with a bit more community interaction.

And anyway, before any plans do get though the island needs to be cleaned up a bit first. "Every day that goes by, the infrastructure on the island and the historic buildings deteriorate," Doctoroff told the Times. "The longer it takes to have a plan, the more it's going to cost us."

Photograph by Vincent Laforet for the NY Times