Had enough idiocy for one day? Think you're going to walk out of the office with most of your hair firmly attached to your scalp? Not if pretend state senate candidate Mindy Meyer and the New York Post have anything to do about it. Today the paper has a three page, seven-photo spread of Meyer dressed in her Olan Mills best, but maybe they should have published photos of Governor Cuomo, Sheldon Silver, and George Washington to prep Meyer for her tenure in office.

Here are some of our favorite quotes from Meyer, in the order by which they make us want to punch our 8th grade civics teacher in the face for not warning us about candidates who elicit that wailing noise Harvey Keitel emits in Bad Lieutenant.

“They’ll call me the Snooki senator. They’ll criticize the shape of my mouth. If that’s all they can come up with, it just shows they’re running out of things to criticize,” sniffs the conservative state Senate candidate. “People can be brutal and nasty, but I’m stronger than that. I still want this.”

No Mindy, people criticize you because you remain willfully ignorant of things that you could learn from, say, reading the news website that's interviewing you, right now!

“I figured if Elle Woods could take pink to the highest level of education at Harvard Law, then I could take it to the state Senate."

If a fictional character can do it, anyone can! As for us, we're gonna run for Dog That Flies Kids Around On His Back. If we lose that race, we'll try for Ornery, Licentious Decorated Veteran Who Saves Prep School Kid's Integrity.

“This pink thing has gotten out of control. It was for the Web site, so young people would see how exciting politics can be…Red is more of a classy look, I can see that,” concedes the self-styled “diva of the district,” who’s generally shied away from reds in the past.

Yes, as Senator of Sesame Street, Meyer will need to keep those colors straight, for Politics.

“One of the benefits to being a lawyer is that you get to look hot every day,” she gushes about the sophisticated looks of judicial cuties she encounters in court.

How we feeling?