2006_03_12_elevator.jpgIf you've used the MTA this should come as no surprise to you: "Many of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's outdoor properties are poorly lighted and rarely cleaned, making them magnets for 'litterers, dumpers and graffiti vandals,'" according to a City Council survey to be released today.

The worst offender? The D,M Borough Park, Brooklyn stop which got a 3.048 rating from the city with 1 being the best and 4 being the worst. In fact, of the 24 outdoor MTA sites which the City Council randomly checked up on 16, or 67 percent, were found to be "dirty" or "poorly maintained" and 18, or 75 percent, were "plagued with heavy illegal dumping."

"No New Yorker should have to live next to an illegal dumping ground where garbage decays and rots." Council member Eric Gioia said on the matter. "If private landlords leave their property in this state, they're hit with tickets, fines and violations."

So now we have a report that proves what we already knew. So, does anybody think that having it written in a report make any difference?

'Elevator' from dbrown's flickr stream.