As far as price and density of private schools go, Gotham has the rest of the country blown out of the water.

2006_03_11_riverdale.jpg "New York is the only region of the country where there are numerous schools in that price bracket -- close to $30,000." In other words while the median 12th-grade tuition last year was $16,970 nationwide it was $27,200 in New York City (not including parochial schools) according to the National Association of Independent Schools.

That private schools in New York are expensive should, in this day and age, be a surprise to nobody. But that doesnt' mean it isn't occasionally fun to gawk at all those zeros. $30,170 for Trinity, $29,250 for Dalton, $29,000 for Horace Mann and of course, if your kid is going to Riverdale Country School next year the tuition will be $31,200 (preschool, fyi, is $24,000 and lower school is $27,150) . Bus rides not included.

We are so happy we went to public school.