We always knew Gotham's air was special, but we didn't know just how special! Turns out that our fine metropolis has the filthiest air in the country! Huzzah!

Or we did way back in 1999 back when the data that the Environmental Protection Agency's recent findings were taken. The results of a similar 2002 emissions study should be ready next year. We can only guess at how different the air is today then it was seven years ago, so grain of salt about this everybody, ok?

But back to just how filthy the air can be here! According to the EPA, based on emissions of 177 chemicals, not only does New York State have the worst air in the United States (followed by California, Oregon, Washington, D.C., and New Jersey) but New York City residents are at the greatest health risk for cancer because of those chemicals. By their numbers, "New Yorkers' risk of developing cancer from air toxins is estimated to be 68 residents per million." According to the same numbers "the national average is 41.5 per million."

Manhattan has the worst air, with the risk of developing cancer from air toxins estimated to be 136 residents per million. In the Bronx, it is 106 per million; in Brooklyn, 95 per million, and Queens 93 per million.

To which our first response was: "Huh, OK, and?"

Morning Schmog from Wolfey's flickr stream.

Editor's Note: whoops! Looks like Jen covered this yesterday, too. Jake's fault-- he missed the first post and tipped it to Garth. We'll try to add more to this story today.