12_16_04 Samarra Khaja image
That was a nice little cold spell, don't you think? Gothamist enjoyed having an amuse-bouche before winter's entrée is served. We'll get a brief respite today and tomorrow, when it should be sunny and slightly warmer than normal before cooling off for the weekend.

Our winter entrée may arrive early next week. Will we get steak-and-potatoes winter weather or wimpy green-tea-and-shrimp emulsion topped with carrot-parsnip foam storm? Our readers in advertising and marketing might appreciate the different ways the professionals are treating the forecast. AccuWeather is preparing us for a big storm in their news stories. Meanwhile, the Weather Service mentions snow in their zone forecast without bringing up the possibility of a storm. Their forecast discussion, however, mentions the "potential for a high impact storm" but also spells out all the uncertainties with this tricky weather situation. Gothamist's pithy take on next week's weather: might be a storm, might be big; too early to tell; be flexible in your holiday travel plans.

Our pages are once again graced with one of Samarra's images. Check out her work from Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.