Harold Ford Jr.—the probable opponent for Kirsten Gillibrand’s senate seat—likes to say he’s no carpetbagger, but he forgot to tie up a few loose ends when he left his home state of Tennessee. “I am a New Yorker, I am a New Yorker,” he repeated mantra-like on MSNBC, and yet he’s never filed a tax return for his Wall Street job in the state. Not just that, he still owns a condo in Memphis. According to his web site, he splits his time between New York and Tennessee. Need more damning facts? He has a Tennessee driver’s license (which is actually illegal for a New York resident it turns out) and has never voted in New York.

Earlier Ford said that his tax returns are proof of his solid New York status, but now he’s amended that. "I'm in the process," said Ford on Thursday. "Let me be clear, I pay my quarterly estimates. I will file a return for the first time for last year come April, when taxes are to be filed. And if I become a candidate, I'll comply with all of the disclosures that candidates are asked to disclose." One accountant told the Daily News he may have to give up 10 percent of the income that was previously taxed only in his home state.

noted fairly that when Robert Kennedy ran for the Senate seat in 1964, he had relocated so recently that he still could not vote in New York. In 2000 when Hillary Clinton was a Senate candidate, she voted in Westchester County, where one of her two homes was located.