2007_09_mayorbling.jpgTwo men were arraigned for trying to steal hundreds of thousands of dollars from billionaire Mayor Bloomberg. Manhattan DA Robert Morgenthau outlined the two schemes:

Odalis Bostic forged two checks from Bloomberg's personal Bank of America account. One was for $190,000, the other was for $230,000, and both were "issued in the name of the mayor’s financial manager, Geller & Company," according to CityRoom. Bostic deposited them into two different bank accounts, but when Bank of America realized the checks were forged, the bank contacted the DA's office.

And because the DA's office was investigating Bostic's scheme, they found out that Charles Nelson actually succeeded in stealing from the mayor. He took $10,000 from the mayor's bank account and transferred it into an eTrade account. Wow, Mayor Bloomberg's personal bank account information must be floating around there!

Bostic was charged with attempted grand larceny and Nelson was charged with grand larceny. Recently it was revealed that Mayor Bloomberg's personal wealth doubled. Related: The guys who stole from rich people they found on the Forbes 400 list - Bloomberg happens to be #25.