If you're going to hell, you might as well steal an 86-year-old woman's motorized wheelchair that's parked outside a church, right? Because that's what happened on the Upper East Side yesterday morning. Ellie Krach only got her $1,000 red scooter a week ago and while she was visiting her minister at the Jan Hus Presbyterian Church on E. 74th St, the thieves swooped in and took the scooter.

Thankfully, a porter working across the street saw two women throw the wheelchair into a green van with Pennsylvania license plates, and he jotted down their license plate number. Krach gave the info to the police, but unfortunately they told her the van was probably untraceable because a gang was using stolen vans to steal motorcycles and the like.

According to the minister she was seeing that day, Rev. Ray Bagnuolo, Krach is the type who would "be more likely to give them a ride on her scooter than shove them away." Krach sounded like she was taking the theft in stride, telling the News she would borrow one of her friends' scooters till she could get another. But she was also impressed by the thieves: “I just didn’t think somebody would take a scooter from a person that’s disabled. The two together, it’s a sad combination isn’t it?”