Hold onto your Maseratis and children, people: In what we're really hoping is not a stupid viral marketing stunt, thieves have stolen a Maserati from their owners twice this week. On Sunday morning, a real estate broker from Florida became the laughingstock of New York when he let a man get behind the wheel of his Maserati in Times Square to "take a photo"—which in the criminal underworld is slang for "stealing from a fool." And yesterday another two "bandits" absconded with a correction officer's Maserati. YES, a correction officer's Maserati.

It all happened around 7:30 p.m. in Jamaica, Queens, when off-duty correction officer Maurice Jones, who owns a freaking Maserati, emerged from a deli to find two thieves pointing a gun at him and demanding the keys to his $130,000 black Quattroporte. Jones, who apparently makes bank working at the Manhattan Detention Center, tells the Daily News, "They said they were taking the car and that was it. I saw the gun, and I gave it to them."

Police were summoned, and a high-speed pursuit ensued, during which the thieves crashed into a 1999 Honda Civic at Broadway Junction, causing minor injuries to the Honda driver. Witness Gordon Mills tells the Post the Maserati was going so fast, "You could smell the rubber burning." With cops closing in, they finally abandoned Jones's dinged-up ride on a dead end street. One witness tells the News, "They scooched down and waited for the cops to pass by — then, calmly walked down the street and did not draw attention." (Whoever they are, they're definitely Drive fans.)