Looking for a new dumbbell, or perhaps a surefire way to break into someone's car? One man's bad luck may just be your ticket to toned arms and free cd players. From a Craigslist post this morning: "Some douchebag thief threw a 50 lbs weight into one of my car's windows (parked in Douchebag Central, aka Murray Hill), taking an old CD player walkman from my glove compartment. The CD player was useless but the window cost me $100 to replace. I'd like to recoup the loss. Thankfully, said douchebag thief left the 50 lbs weight in the back seat of my car as a souvenir (You needed to lug around a 50 lbs. weight to do the job of 3 lbs. crowbar? No wonder you broke into my car and not one with something valuable in it. You're an idiot). Now you can benefit from my loss by buying this weight at a discount."

We inquired, but the dumbbell has already been sold! Whoever the new owner is should dust that thing for fingerprints and start a CSI: Craigslist webisode series.