With all the brick-throwing, money-grubbing, teenage-fleecing, public masturbation going on, it's encouraging to find someone who sees something wrong and doesn't shrug, "Meh, it's New York." Pheonix Res was at the Court Street Starbucks in Brooklyn Heights on June 25th when she saw a bike thief clip a chain that locked two bikes to the rack. "Hey, that's not your bike," she told the man, before he suggested she "Fuck off." He made off with one of the bikes, but she held the other for the owner. "It’s such an awful feeling to come out and see that someone has made off with your bike—especially a new bike,” Res told the Daily News. “I couldn’t just leave the other one there for someone else to steal.”

Res waited for the owner, but they never showed. She then went to the police, who told her that they couldn't help her. So she plastered these flyers up near the Starbucks. Res writes via email that she's reached out to Trek and is giving her the serial number on the bike, which may help them reunite the black bike with its owner.

If you're missing your new, black Trek as of June 25th, you should email irescuedyourbike@gmail.com.