Brooklyn-based alt rock pioneers They Might Be Giants have decided to start sponsoring little league teams, following in the footsteps of other community-friendly entrepreneurs like Hoffman Car Wash and Dick's Sporting Goods. It's another savvy move for the protean Johns, because the free advertising can't help but boost record sales on their growing catalog of children's albums. (The band just won a Grammy for Best Children's album for "Here Come the 123s")

The idea to sponsor teams came when two Seattle T-ball coaches (both named John, as fate would have it!) decided to name their team after the band, and sent TMBG some photos of the kids all wearing "No!" t-shirts, which are tied in with the band's first children's album. Guitarist John Flansburgh explains, "As the team They Might Be Giants does not keep score at their games, we like to say they currently undefeated! If a pizza parlor or a super market can sponsor a team, why can't a rock band?" In non-baseball TMBG news, the Johns will play their last NYC "adult" rock show of the year next Saturday at Le Poisson Rouge, and return to Prospect Park on July 11th for a free kids show.