HGH is apparently fun for the whole family, at least if you believe Brian McNamee. McNamee claims to not only have injected Roger Clemens, but also his wife Debbie in preparation for the photo shoot with Sports Illustrated pictured above. No word yet on whether any of Debbie’s DNA is in this mess, but you can buy an autographed copy of her picture here for only $35. And, since the 2008 SI swimsuit issue is due next week how can we be sure that the models are PED free?

We can all look forward to a wild Wednesday in Congress. Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte and Brian McNamee are all scheduled to testify. Clemens spent almost the entire week in Washington, testifying and then meeting individually with members of Congress. Kirk Radomski, who will join Clemens, Pettitte and McNamee in front of Congress, was sentenced to five years probation yesterday as a reward for his cooperation with authorities.