So, our siblings over in the Windy City recently pointed out a really creepy set of businesses that we had kinda hoped only existed on Veronica Mars.

2006_01_07_phone.jpgWhat are we blabbering on about? Basically while much of the world is worried about Bush listening in on your phone calls (or those of CNN reporters), the FBI is warning its agents (and pretty much anyone who'll listen) to be aware that your phone records are very, very, easy to obtain for a hundred bucks or so thanks to websites like this.

How easy to get? "To test the service, the FBI paid $160 to buy the records for an agent's cell phone and received the list within three hours, the police bulletin said." Uhm, by now we probably really shouldn't be at all surprised by that, and yet we are.

Chicagoist points out that this could be a great boon for wives looking into their cheating husbands (no need to steal his phone to look for suspicious numbers, just get the record!). In the meantime, we think we're going be moving all of our "shadier" phone dealings to a prepaid phone...