Straphangers on the 14th Street corridor are only just getting used to the new world order in which their cell phones work on subway platforms and already the MTA is getting ready to expand the program. Earlier this week we learned that in the next year 31 more stations will and now we know which stations those will be!

All the MTA will say about when phones will start ringing on those platforms is "in the next 12 months" but we should note that some of these stations are already so close to the ground that phones sometimes work in them, anyway. But still! Phones! Here's the full list of stations that are going to be wired for phase two of Operation Subway Cellphones:

5 Av (N)(Q)(R)
7 Av (B)(D)(E)
18 St (1)
23 St (1)
23 St (N)(R)
28 St (1)
28 St (N)(R)
34 St-Herald Sq (B)(D)(F)(M)
34 St-Herald Sq (N)(Q)(R)
47-50 Sts (B)(D)(F)(M)
49 St (N)(Q)(R)
50 St (1)
50 St (C)(E)
57 St (N)(Q)(R)
57 St (F)
59 St-Columbus Circle (1)
59 St-Columbus Circle (A)(C)(B)(D)
66 St (1)
72 St (1)(2)(3)
72 St (B)(C)
79 St (1)
81 St (B)(C)
86 St (1)
86 St (B)(C)
96 St (1)(2)(3)
96 St (B)(C)
Times Sq-42 St (1)(2)(3)
Times Sq-42 St (7)
Times Sq-42 St (A)(C)(E)
Times Sq-42 St (N)(Q)(R)
Times Sq-42 St (S)