Oh, it was too good to last: The Mets and pitchers Steve Trachsel, Grant Roberts and Dan Wheeler were rocked for 11 runs during the fourth inning in their 18-10 loss to the Atlanta Braves last night. Yes, that was a baseball score: 18-10. However, Mike Piazza hit two home runs, putting him at second place on the list of home runs for a catcher (Carlton Fisk, with 351, is the record holder). Related: The Times looks at the "mystery" of Kaz Matsui: "He dyes his hair orange, wears silver beads around his ankles and draws Japanese characters on his bat for luck." Gothamist doesn't know what the Mets are so confused about: He's a 28 year-old from Japan - that's about right, considering the cool East Village Japanese kids we see.

In the American League, the Yankees are now 2-2, with Kevin Brown responsible for both wins; Mike Mussina has both losses. Gothamist logic dictates that if Brown pitched all season, the Yankees would be 162-0. Of course his arm would fall off, but for $15,714,286 this season, that's the least he could do. And check it out, Roger Clemens made George Steinbrenner cry.