This week's weather looks to be a speeded-up version of last week's weather. The high pressure system that has dominated the weather yesterday and today isn't nearly as big as last week's system so we're in for a much quicker cycling of weather conditions. A cool and dry day today will be replaced by a warmer tomorrow. The humidity increase on Wednesday may result in a shower or two that afternoon. After a Wednesday night cold front passage, we will be back to the cool and mostly dry for the remainder of the week. Since the high and low pressure systems aren't all that far apart, the wind will be our constant companion the next few days.

Gothamist isn't sure how the Weather Channel's website works, but it likes to personalize the forecast for us. Usually, it thinks we are fascinated by golf, golf weather and useless golf weather tips --"carry an extra towel" is a favorite bit of advice they give us. We've golfed a couple of times, but not in many years, and, as far as we know there aren't any golf courses in or near our 10026 home zip code.

Today's personalization was allergies and pollen, which is a bit more useful to us. We rode our bike around Central Park yesterday morning and the pollen was pretty unbearable. Sure enough, this early- to mid-May is the peak season for tree pollen. According to the worst offenders are oak, birch and maple, and tomorrow's pollen count should be well into the high category. Pollen counts will drop after it rains on Wednesday.

Tree pollen map from