2005_03_peppermintballs.jpgA Family Court lawyer in the Bronx was suspended for six months because of his crude remarks. The Daily News says that 67 year-old Robert Kahn had a "peppermint potty mouth":

The lawyer, Robert Kahn, admitted that "he frequently consumed peppermint-ball candies in the courthouse and, when offering candies to adversarial female staff attorneys, consistently made sexually offensive comments," a state Appellate Division ruling released yesterday says.

One of Kahn's crude candy comments: "Do you want to suck one of my balls?"

"When told by female attorneys that they were offended by his remarks, [Kahn] replied, 'If you're so damned refined, then why do you understand?'" the ruling said.

Classy! Kahn has worked at the Family Court as a court-appointed attorney for 30 years, and other incidents cited include saying "Here is the elephant, she's coming in. Who wants tickets? Come see the show" as an overweight colleague would enter a courtroom and asking other opposing female attorneys to guess the bra size of a 14 year-old client. This sort of sounds like some nutty tactic from Ally McBeal, but thankfully, lawyers actually do get reprimanded. Kahn and his lawyer asked for a public censure and psychotherapy, but got the supsension instead.