crocus.jpgA riot of flowers and greenery that is. Gothamist walked through the Conservatory Garden in Central Park over the weekend and saw that many of the early-blooming bulb flowers like crocuses, narcissuses, daffodils and tulips were beginning to poke through the soil. Today's excessive rainfall, (watch out for flooding!), combined with warmer temperatures later in the week should bring on the plant growth.

The rain should continue throughout the day today. There's even a chance of a thunderstorm this afternoon.

Three of the four temperature forecasts we looked at last week have held steady in their predictions. Intellicast still thinks we'll be relatively chilly on Thursday with a high of 53. The Weather Service is sticking with a predicted max of 60. The Weather Channel, however, has lowered their temperature prediction for Thursday from a balmy 64 degrees to a seasonable 56.