Our long, lucky run of sunny summer weather comes crashing to an end today when a "potent" storm wallops the city and washes all this scum off the streets. Up to three inches of rain is expected overnight, according to the National Weather Service, which has issued a flash flood watch for the region from late tonight through Wednesday afternoon. Batten down the hatches.

In addition to the rain, there will be wind. Gusting, wrenching, umbrella-shredding wind that will spray rain bullets right into your once-pretty face. This relentless lashing rain will equalize us all, ravaging the beautiful while revealing the hidden beauty in what was once thought hideous. The Verizon building, for instance, will suddenly seem sexy and unattainable. In addition, "high moisture content in the atmosphere will heighten the risk for torrential downpours that could lead to flash flooding," warns meteorologist Sarah Glenn.

The storm front, which is rising up from the south, brings behind it a cold front, so those who survive the deluge may enjoy somewhat cooler weather later in the week. Today's downpour is expected to commence this afternoon at approximately 4 p.m., just in time for your evening commute. Of course, maybe you're not working today, or perhaps you're not even in town because you've flitted off on vacation somewhere sublime? Isn't it kind of sad you're reading an irrelevant weather report on your mobile device instead of simply being present in the moment during your brief respite from urban abrasions? You miss us, don't you? We miss you too. Here's some Paranoid Android.