Listen, we've been very polite to this heat and humidity, but it's overstaying its welcome. Since we as mere humans have no way of changing the weather, the Mother of all Nature is stepping in soon. As we struggle through this final day of crippling humidity, internally screaming "Don't look at me!!!!!" while navigating our way through the city, sweat dripping from our brows and blinding us, the scent of hot trash our olfactory breadcrumbs helping us to our next destination... just know that nothing lasts forever. We'll be getting a brief reprieve from this hot mess very soon.

Governor Cuomo sent out an ALL CAPS alert this afternoon, urging New Yorkers to "PREPARE FOR SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS THIS AFTERNOON INTO FRIDAY." In New York City, that means Friday. Currently it seems like the heavy rainfall, gusty winds, and thunderstorms (with potential for flash flooding) will take place from early Friday morning to the afternoon, but once the doom and gloom breaks, the humidity will have lifted. You'll be able to walk outside and not be hit in the face with a wall of wet heat. Or so they say.

The sudden swing in temperature (which is how Geostorm started, btw) will lead to "more seasonable temperatures this weekend."