There's something rotten in the state of New York, and it's…a busted sewer pipe in Brooklyn! In late June, a sewer main broke in Bay Ridge, and now leakage from the break has created a giant stinkhole in the middle of the 'hood's 92nd St. "It smells so bad," stinkhole neighbor Ida Skef told CBS 2. Guess that a mysterious maple syrup smell's not so bad after all, huh?

Though workers have been trying to fix the 70 foot deep sinkhole since it first sprouted on June 28, outdated pipes and weather have contributed to slow progress, and life has been pretty difficult for residents who were forced to put up with major traffic issues as a result. And the awful odor, which arose recently, has forced residents to keep their windows (and nostrils) closed, ramping up A/C bills and possibly making them sick. The DEP has been trying to bring the stench down by adding charcoal filters to the hole, and plans to review the aging sewage pipe system in Southern Brooklyn. "There may be a systematic problem here that we have to look at," City Councilman Vincent Gentile told CBS 2.

And this isn't the only sinkhole Bay Ridge residents have faced this summer, even if it's the smelliest—in August, a sewer main break caused a massive sinkhole on 79th St that swallowed two cars. Meanwhile, the city says the 92nd Street hole should be repaired by the end of October.