In case you haven't picked up on the trends around Billionaire's Row in Midtown, every obscene record that can be broken will be broken in the next couple years as glass-encased luxury condo obelisk after glass-encased luxury condo obelisk gets erected. Already, one record has been seemingly smashed: the building at 111 West 57th Street is aiming to eclipse 432 Park Avenue to become the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere.

432 Park topped out at 1,396 feet last October, but according to Crain's, the plans for 111 West 57th, under development by JDS Development Group and Property Markets Group, will come out to 1,421 feet, about 25 feet higher. According to NY Yimby, it was originally planned to stand at the same height as the other skyscraper, but thanks to a "crown," it can take the literal crown for tallest residential building.

This skyscraper, which will scale 80 floors, will have approximately 55 residences (the uppermost portion of the structure will be uninhabited, though it's unclear why), and prices are set to average $6,000 per square foot. The final permits for the building have been received and the developers are currently trying to secure a $500 million construction loan. You can get a closer look at the plans for the building at Business Insider.

This all could turn out to be a bit of a moot point, since there is another residential tower planned for the increasingly crowded West 57th Street that could stretch to 1,479 feet above street level. And of course, the entire skyline of Midtown is going to look like SimCity3000 eventually, so we'll probably have more serious concerns at that point than mere height.

Until that day, enjoy the pathetic illicit views from the former tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.