Looks like that comment from Winston Cox's mother wasn't all that representative, because a few barbers that knew Cox now say they didn't suspect he would attempt robbery or murder. Cox had gone to Cle's Cuts since he was a small child, arriving with his father, who suffered from Lou Gehrig's disease. Cox's father died when he was 6, but Cox returned to Cle's a few days before his robbery attempt for a cut, and asked if the barber recognized him. Owner Cle Haynesworth told the Daily News, "He didn't look like that type of person. You think that he was one of the good kids."

Cox reportedly patiently waited for his haircut from the shop's other barber, Sheraud Evans, who said, "He act like everything was real cool with him. He gets his haircut and leaves." Haynseworth said he was "always a quiet kid," and seemed much the same as when he would walk in beside his dad, who was in a wheelchair. Evans then recalled seeing Cox's mugshot in the paper at the local bodega, and said, "You can't save all of them, but the ones that want to listen do." Cox has now been charged with attempted murder and robbery.