Going to Jersey for the long weekend? Watch out for wild baboons! In the past day more than a dozen calls have come in to the police regarding a baboon wandering the highways and backyards of the Garden State, authorities say. The animal may have escaped from the wildlife preserve at the Six Flags Great Adventure park, but the park isn't sure if it is one of the 150 baboons in their charge.

"He's traveling. It's a heavily wooded area," Sergeant Edward Bennett of Franklin Township Police Department said. "We had two calls yesterday and 10 or 12 today."

Six Flags is skeptical it is one of theirs as their wildlife section is "enclosed by a high chain link fence, topped with sheet metal, and the baboons are contained in a separate area enclosed by another chain link fence, topped by electrically charged wire." But since they don't do a nightly count of the monkeys they say it could still be one of theirs. Police say if you see the animal not to interact with it. Just go inside and call the police, please.

And in case you were worried? Yes, like the cobra that went missing from the Bronx Zoo, the monkey already has at least two fake Twitter accounts, @JerseyBaboon and @BaboonOnTheRun.

Semi-related? For no particular reason other than the word "baboon," this story immediately brought to mind to us a long-buried memory of an episode of the short-lived early 90's In Living Color spin-off The Edge (which starred Wayne Knight, Julie Brown and Jennifer Aniston's old nose, among others) in which Kevin Nealon got in a car accident and received a baboon's ass in a bizarre transplant surgery. Seriously, when we were nine we thought this was the height of comedy: