OK, so you know how in all of those movies where for some reason the audience needs to see what lies beneath an urban environment the camera just slides down underground giving the audience a cut-a-way of all the pipes and tunnels and detritus one would expect to see below a bustling city (something kind of like this)? You know what we're talking about? Good, so you also know how like half the time some prop guy gets a funny idea and throws a dinosaur skeleton in there for good measure? Yeah, well what if that weren't so silly?

In todays City section we learned that if you were to dig up Central Park you would find, among other things, a set of 19th-century Dinosaur models made of brick, concrete and iron. Originally made for a "Paleozoic museum" slated to go up in Central Park, the models were tossed in an unmarked pit in the park as an example of revenge, Tammany Hall style.

So, uh, anybody want to go digging in the Park with us before it gets too cold?

Sketch of the unbuilt Paleozoic museum in Central Park courtesy of the American Museum of Natural History.