2006_05_djstar.jpgJust when you thought you heard the worst thing on the radio, there's something new: Power 105.1 FM fired DJ Star after he threatened to pee on and molest the four year old daughter of rival Hot 97 DJ Envy. Oh, and he called DJ Envy's half-Asian wife, Gia Casey, a "lo-mein eater" and "gook." But the thing that took the cake was when DJ Star, really named Troi Torain, offered listeners $500 to tell him where the four year old daughter of Rasshaun Casey goes to school, and taunted DJ Envy on the air with "If you didn't hear me, I said I would like to do an R. Kelly on your seed. On your little baby girl." for the past week. Now, the R. Kelly comment would have been icky without mention of a four year old, but really, has radio shock-jocking gone this far? Gia Casey spoke at a City Hall press conference (City Councilmen John Liu and Peter Vallone were on hand) and said, "When a man says that he would like to tinkle in the mouth of your little girl and ejaculate on her face - that will make any mother extremely frightened." Uh, yeah, definitely.

On his website, DJ Star calls himself a Hater. A couple years ago, Torain was suspended from Hot 97 for making fun of Aaliyah's fatal plane crash, and DJ Envy was one of the Hot 97 crew involved in the tsunami song. All trouble leads back to Hot 97!