Wait a second...there's news from outside of New York City? Our timbers were shivered when the national media, suffering from the same RNCFS (Republican National Convention Fatigue Syndrome) that many New Yorkers are going through, started to detail other stories with as much attention, even bumping convention highlights to the 2nd or 3rd story of newscasts. The stories are:

- Dismissal of rape charges against Kobe Bryant - Court TV has a thorough section devoted to the case, complete with a melodramatic photo montage and the juror questionnaire (question 60 asks if you follow professional basketball)...Gothamist is curious about whether or not the accuser can bring another civil case against the city/state/judge for mucking things up.
- Hurricane Frances will head towards Florida (more Frances news and your local NYC weather at Gothamist Weather)
- The hostage siege in Russia that follows suspected acts of terrorism
- And there's still a war going on in Iraq