Once again, City Council Speaker and mayoral hopeful Gifford Miller talks about the proposed West Side Stadium. But instead of saying he'd block it, now he wants to move it to Queens. Miller claims that putting the stadium in Queens will strengthen NYC's chances of landing the Olympics, but Gothamist has a feeling that the IOC is attracted to the idea of having a stadium in the center of the city, versus the outer boroughs, for the flash factor. And Miller's statement makes us think his aides said to him, "Hey, you're alienating the union guys by blocking the stadium. And your numbers in Queens are low, so why don't you suggest the stadium go in Queens?" Queens is not a new location to be mentioned in the same breath as this project, but the problem is that the Jets do not want to move there, even though it would make them closer to their Long Island fan base.

No word on whether Mayor Bloomberg will be commenting on this from Israel, where he is attending the opening of the Holocaust Museum.