Oh, for the love of street vendor hot dogs: Gothamist LOVES the insanity that is the bidding process for the MTA's West Side railyards. Yesterday, the energy company, Trans Gas, bid $700 million for the railyards to build a power plant. This bid is not only $100 million more than the Cablevision bid (and $600 million more than the Jets' bid), but Trans Gas would want the MTA's help to build another plant in Williamsburg plus a contract to use Trans Gas for power! Next, Gothamist expects Ted Turner to bid on the space to move some of his bison over here - it's getting so out of control.

It's seems that the Trans Gas president, Adam Victor, has had problems with Deputy Mayor Daniel Doctoroff, who is one of the architects of not only the Jets West Side Stadium deal but the NYC 2012 Olympics bid, too, but Victor says this bid is not revenge. Oh, please, Gothamist has heard that one before. There are a couple problematic things with this bid: It doesn't really address a need for residential living (which the Jets and Cablevision bid purport to do) and the design looks like some bad modernist rendering of Coney Island. If this rendering from Philip Johnson/Alan Ritchie Architects is any indication, apparently power plants of the future will look like Gymboree play areas.

Gothamist on the development of the West Side railyards.