For those of you out there (like Gothamist) who are living a TiVO-less existence, here's a little help finding weather-related programming on TV this week.


Tuesday, May 18: Oprah will be telling us What Not To Wear This Summer. Though Gothamist couldn't confirm it (update your site, O!), the name of the show suggests that everyone's favorite snarksters Clinton and Stacy from the show of the same name (or perhaps their BBC counterparts) will be dishing fashion faux pas with Ms. Winfrey. promises "outrageous makeovers." Gothamist just hopes the conversation moves beyond which flip-flop is hot this season.

Wednesday, May 19: If you're up at 8AM, and you're in the mood for a little made-for-TV action, and you can stomach Mark-Paul Gosselar, try Atomic Twister on TBS. Wonder what would happen if a tornado hit a nuclear power plant? Says this wise IMdB commenter: "Sharon Lawrence looked great running around in a tank top t-shirt with wind whipped hair and a grease smudged face."

Real weather aficionados might prefer a couple of shows on the Discovery Times channel. America's Deadliest Storm: The Galveston Hurricane airs at 8PM, and Billion Dollar Disasters: Hurricane Andrew follows at 10PM. Gothamist wonders whether she gets the Discovery Times Channel. Do you?

Thursday, May 20: The Discovery Times Channel presents another Billion Dollar Disaster about Hurricane Floyd at 2AM. That night, the plain old Discovery Channel airs a show about Mega-Tsunamis at 8 and 11PM. If you miss this show, you can catch it again on Saturday.

Friday, May 21: The Discovery Wings Channel (Discovery, what's up with all of the premium cable spin-offs?) show, Learning to Fly, will cover how weather information is gathered and used by pilots at 9:30PM.

Saturday, May 22: Though not strictly weather-related per se, Encore True Stories broadcasts Into Thin Air: Death on Everest, an adaptation of the best-selling novel by John Krakauer. Though Gothamist has not read Into Thin Air, reliable sources say that weather (specifically, a nasty-ass snowstorm) plays a key role in the plot.

For those who prefer their history on the drier side, check out Tactical to Practical on The History Channel at 4PM, which promises to enlighten on the subject of meteorology and the military.

Sunday, May 23: Animal Planet presents K-9 to 5 at 10:30AM, in which a Golden Retriever predicts the weather. For real.

Don't forget, you can always catch back-to-back episodes of The Weather Channel's Storm Stories every night from 8 to 9PM (both shows re-air from 11PM to 12AM). The schedule goes up on Mondays, and you can even get it delivered straight to your mailbox.