turtles catching some raysAt 11 a.m. the temperature had reached the forecasted high of 70 degrees. Time to update the forecast. The Weather Service is now predicting an afternoon high temperature of 75 to 80 degrees, with the higher temperatures a bit to our west in New Jersey. The newly re-designed AccuWeather web site says we'll get up to 73. Tomorrow will be a bit cooler and Wednesday should be summerlike. A cold front and shift in circulation will cool things off after Wednesday, but we've had a fine run, haven't we?

It hasn't rained in nine days and there's not much rain in sight. The ground cover is extremely dry and conditions are favorable for brush fires. In fact, Gothamist saw a brush fire in Riverside Park Friday afternoon. The Weather Service is urging people to use extreme caution when outdoors. Do not spontaneously combust, as even the smallest spark can "ignite a fire with dire circumstances."

Turtles basking in the sun at Kissena Park from Newsday