2003_8_back.jpgIn great news for alarmists, the Daily News reported yesterday that another blackout could happen sooner than you'd think! Thanks, Daily News (but please, add a note that Gothamist needs to take its Effexor before reading the Sunday paper, okay?)! Basically, the problem is that the state's attempt at energy deregulation has been unsuccessful, the transmissions lines from upstate through Westchester and into the city are way too congested, and there are no plans on the table in Albany to solve the energy issues, like new plans for electricity networks.

Senator Charles Schumer wants to nationalize the power grid. Well, of course he does - that's the way any fixes will get funded fastest, versus him getting on his kees, begging for dough. In the meantime, Schumer is angry about the FEMA package President Bush just signed for NY - a paltry $5 million - and at the cell phone companies (updated/clarified) because no service providers (except for T-Mobile) had "Wireless Priority Service" in place, so police, firefighters, and emergency technicians get service.

The NY Times says that the city got an another chance to review its terrorist evacuation plans after the blackout, and while it seemed to go all right, it was far from smooth. Again, take-Effexor warning, please.