Today's news comes as a warning to marijuana smokers across the city: if you don't properly ventilate your apartment while lighting up, you might just get yourself sued. The board of a Central Park West condo is now going after two of its tenants, saying that their toking is causing the entire building to smell.

Josefina Berman, 65, who lives at 400 Central Park West with Charles Berman, 33, is being sued by the condo's board, which says that they smoke too much pot, make too much noise, and have been fined by the board 20 times since 2011 over these matters, the Daily News reports.

"Sometimes it feels like you're coming off the elevators and walking into a scene out of a Cheech & Chong movie," one resident of the building told the NY Post. "I've got kids, as do lots of others in this building. I don't think I should have to explain to my little kids what that smell is." Because as we all know, explaining the scandalous truth about grown-ups smoking dried plant matter could cause irreparable damage to a child's development.

The building on 100th Street and Central Park West apparently has no problem with tenants smoking, as long as they contain the smell within their apartments. The suit claims that the odor coming from the Bermans's apartment "infiltrates other areas of the condominium building, causing—among other things—a nuisance to other occupants."

This isn't the first time that Berman has gotten on the wrong side of the condo board: she was sued just five months ago for allegedly attempting to combine two adjacent apartments, one that she rents and one that she owns, without a proper permit. She was ordered by a judge to stop work on the construction.

They're reportedly being sued for over $12,000 in common charges they owe the condo board, and another $10,000 in legal fees. A nice powerful fan on Amazon, meanwhile, will run you about $30.