In the first six months of 2012, the security theater that is the TSA felt up (or "scanned") 375,432,402 people (that's 1.8 million passengers a day!). And along the way they found some pretty impressive things. Who can forget the guns in Mickey Mouse, the old knife-in-the-mayo trick, the knife-in-walker trick or all those guns? Well, certainly not the TSA.

The Transportation Security Administration today put out a release boasting about the stuff they've done to keep you safe this year and the list is long. In the first seven months of the year TSA agents found 821 firearms in carry-on bags at 160 airports across the country. 361 were loaded, and 201 were locked and loaded with a round chambered. The most popular caliber? By the compact .380 with 197 found this year.

Of course it hasn't been all gun and games for the TSA. There have also been quite a few complaints about TSA agents getting too touchy and chatty (also steal-y) but look on the brightside. According to the TSA only 30,204 official complaints were submitted in the first half of the year, which adds up to just 0.008 percent of the total passengers who flew in that period. Huh!