Martial arts master and star of movies and television, Chuck Norris, is suing a New York publishing company along with a Brown University student who established an Internet site that passes along purported facts about him. The Norris-facts phenomena is a longtime Internet meme and the actor says that he doesn't mind when sites continue it as long as they are non-commercial. Ian Roberts, the Brown student who operates one Norris-facts site, teamed up with Penguin publishing to market a book compiling the humorous two-liners. According to a separate site, the following are the most popular facts about Chuck Norris.


In the suit filed at the U.S. District Court in Manhattan, Norris complains that some of the facts, which are generated by contributors, portray him as callous and unlawful, and occasionally racist and lewd. He contends that the practice is damaging his reputation. We should probably add that the reputation of Chuck Norris can not be blackened. Only his enemies' eyes can be blackened by the fists of Chuck Norris.