Alleged arborcidal maniac David Sasson, who was arrested in February for destroying $24,000 worth of plants in Union Square with his bare hands, had the results of a psychological evaluation presented in court on Monday, the Villager reports. "Sasson was found unfit to assist in his own defense, and Judge Ellen Gesmer remanded him to the state-run Kirby Psychiatric Center for further evaluation and treatment."

The Parks Department claims Sasson ripped up 23 hydrangea bushes, 7 roses of Sharon, 3 butterfly bushes, a Chinese dogwood, a magnolia tree and more than 20 ornamental trees. Joe managed to snap a few pictures of the destruction that you can see here and here.

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene will now monitor Sasson until June 29 when his mental state will be revisited and a decision will be made as to wether he should be required to stand trail. Our bet is on not, though. Mostly because this guy sounds like he has some serious mental problems that need to be addressed first. This is the guy, after all, who told the Police when they first nabbed him that "all trees and nests must die and be controlled!"