People may not have learned to turn their cell phones sideways, but there was no let up of subway viral videos creeping out of the tunnels and onto our computer screens in 2012. Just like last year, disassociated bystanders continued to seize at any opportunity for the brief high of viral fame. And for every heart-warming moment of unity on the subways, there were people getting shoved onto the tracks or people sexually assaulting passed out straphangers. Click through to see the top ten subway video incidents the MTA would probably rather you forgot about. And if you think we forgot anything memorable, don't worry—we'll have another post with honorable mentions coming up.

Subway Railing Licker: Last year, a man mesmerized the nation by fastidiously licking his shoe. This year, a man mesmerized the nation by licking an entire subway railing (and not immediately puking).

People Falling On Subway Stairs: As long as no one gets seriously hurt, it's not wrong to laugh, right?

New York City Subway Stairs from Dean Peterson on Vimeo.

Q Train Rider Meets "HOT HOT HOT Daddy": This by turns hilarious and disturbing video was a hit around Gothamist HQ this year—although the idea of actually being confronted by Mr. Daddy in real life is quite terrifying.

Potato Chip Peacemaker: Who could forget the humble Potato Chip Peacemaker, breaking up fights one Cheddar Pringle at a time?

Whitney Houston Night: After Whitney Houston's sudden death at the age of 48 in February, an impromptu singalong of "I Will Always Love You" was captured on the 2 Train. And it was the rare people-singing-on-the-subway moment that was more touching than cloying.

Rat Sends Riders Shrieking: Nothing terrifies a train filled with adults more than the sight of a jittery rat. Then again, it's not like one crawled on anyone's sleeping face!

Brave Woman Confronts Subway Jerk Who Spits On Her: Not everything was terrible though—there were plenty of occasions when straphangers rose up and confronted harrasers and bullies, like this woman who stood up to the jerk who was harassing her on an A train.

Adorable Older Lady Asks Jay-Z Who He Is: Jay-Z surprised fans by taking the R train to Barclays Center for the last of his eight night residency there this fall. Along the way, he met 67-year-old Ellen Grossman, who didn't know who he was—skip to 18:30 in the video below to see it. She thought it might have been a flash mob!

People Goofing Around On The Subway Tracks: Despite more than a few tragic, deadly circumstances around subway tracks, some people couldn't help but risk their lives playing chicken with trains, walking across the tracks for money, or jumping across subway tracks for a laugh.

Very Passionate Rendition Of "Thriller": And finally, sometimes when a passionate singer is screaming in your face, you can't help but smile.